Thursday, February 21, 2013

Black History: Then & Now. Student Presentations

Several of our MENtal Freedom students, along with Multicultural Ambassadors, presented at the Black History: Then and Now panel yesterday. The event had students speaking on topics of interest to them and exploring how those topics related to our study of Black History both in the past and today. Presenters included: Lewis Straughter, McCoy Renfro, Lorenzo Puente, Andre McQuitty, Spencer McDuffy, Sean Guinyard, Terra Tramble, Xandrea Rhodes, and MENtal Freedom Faculty Coordinator, Reggie Hall. Dr. Helvie-Mason introduced the group and facilitated the question/answer session.

Spencer is sharing his presentation via video -- check it out! He also shared a few comments below.

The influence that African-Americans have had on American music has generally been greatly under-appreciated throughout history. Although sometimes it can be difficult to realize the origins of art and music, we must not forget that African-Americans played an integral part in setting the foundation of American music. It is apparent in today’s society that African-Americans are not heavily associated with many American music genres other than rap. Because of this disassociation many are quick to forget that African-Americans were the innovators of many types of music, and influential in even more. I decided to present the “Evolution of Black Music” to inform and remind that the influence of African-Americans spans across history and is not limited to the modern genres of rap and R&B they are so heavily associated with.  
~ Spencer, MENtal Freedom

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