Sunday, January 20, 2013

Commonalities in leadership at SBSLC - student reflection

At first I thought attending the Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference was going to awkward and for once I would be the minority, but my opinion soon changed. All the workshops were beneficial, some more then others, and the guest speakers they brought in did a fabulous job in helping the students embrace the unknown. 

The unknown is our future and we make it what it is because we are the future. We are the future educators, the future engineers, and the future leaders. At the leadership conference I was intrigued and sat on the edge of my seat the whole time due to the great quality of knowledge I was learning. 

By the end of the weekend I didn't think I was the minority, I didn't look around the banquet saying I'm different. I thought it was beautiful that everyone in the room had one thing in common, we were all people who strive everyday to be leaders, who strive to be better, who strive to just be ourselves. So thank you Tarleton State University and thank you Lord for giving me this chance to embrace the unknown.

~ Apryl

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